Monday, April 6, 2015

this weekend it felt like summer

This weekend, it felt like summer. We were in Havasu all weekend enjoying the 85 degree weather, swimming in the lake, boating, sliding down water slides, listening to country music, eating bbq and being with our friends. I wore nothing but sundresses and swim suits, I slept very little and swam an awful lot. Tomorrow, I go back to school and today I had to pick classes for next semester. What a sweet time summer is, nestled between every day life and school just time to enjoy the sun and the heat and friends and swimming. Growing up I remember summer being about lemoniade stands and homemade popsicles and play dates every day and as I've gotten older it's become much more about working and saving money and taking summer classes, this summer that is changing becuase this weekend? this weekend felt like real summer, not the one focused on saving and work and stress the one focused on fun and friends and vacations. So this summer I am determinded to make it a real summer. I need to enjoy them while they last, and maybe I'll document more!

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  1. lake havasu would be SO fun!! and now it is officially summer in like a million degrees out in AZ haha
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants