Tuesday, February 24, 2015

checking in

Okay you guys, it's been a longgg time... I started this blog as a journal, so I had a place to put my thoughts, feelings and experiences. I really loved having a place to do that and then I found myself being concerned about how the layout looked, how often I was posting and what I was posting about, that is so silly because this is me and my life! I would get writers block... on what basically is a journal! Hopefully this will be able to stop and I will write whatever I want and I'm hoping this leads to more posts! Hehe :) Happy End of febuary!

I recently read an a post over at on Andrea's blog about checking in on each other and it really touched my heart. In relationships it's so easy to get selfish (at least in mine it is! Haha) Ryan just cares so much about me and I know he would do anything to make me happy, it's so easy to be selfish and only do the things I want because he's willing. Sometimes I forget that it's important that he's happy too, I don't always ask his opinions or  listen to him, but I'm trying.
This past weekend, we went away for a little trip just us, we stayed in flagstaff but went out to an area where neither of us had phone service, we cooked dinner, played games and mostly just caught up, we had a chance to talk about our relationship what we like and dislike and what will help us grow together. Last night we talked for hours, I got ice cream and we worked things through. It's nice to check in on each other once in a while, it's nice to know what he's feeling and have a chance to express my wants and needs. I love checking in on each other. It's hard to do because I get emotional and he's not always super happy when we do but afterwards I feel so much better that we talked (hoping he does too!) We don't always have things figured out but it's nice to at least get these conversations started and figure the rest out as we go!

I love this man, I am so blessed by him.

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