Hey there, thanks for popping by. I'm going to talk about myself for just a minute. Hope you don't mind.

8 things.
-I am currently 18 years young and a freshman attending Northern Arizona University, about 2 1/2 hours of my home in Gilbert, AZ
[I am American by birth and ended up in the Great State of Arizona by the grace of God & I don't think I'll ever leave.]

-My family & faith are my anchor & I try my best to make them (second to Christ) the center of my life, please forgive me if I brag about my awesome siblings.

-I am a big believer in laughter, music and above all positive vibes

-I have a love affair with good food and all things Disney

-I depend on my friends much more then most but that's okay because I truly believe the friends I have are much better then most ;)

-I sort of have a passion for running and hiking.. some might call it an addiction.

-I always feel the need to take pictures of basically everything

-My greatest wish is world peace

I hope you enjoy this little blog I've created xx
Contact: tessa.reagan@gmail.com

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