Thursday, June 25, 2015

What they don't know

Alright you guys, so I've heard a lot of questions lately that I could have taken very offesivley and to be honets, I just need to vent...let me give you some examples:
"are you guys planning on getting married or are you just wasting time?"
(like excuse me, I didn't realize dating was such a waste of time.)

"You better get a degree before you get married..."

"You know you'll never make money with that degree, right?"
(why thank you, for informing me that I will have a total of $0 as an adult)

"what are you even doing with your life?"
(actually nothing except eating entire cheese pizzas and netflix marathons)

Ok, let me give you some backround I have made some major changes in my life some of which I've been pretty open about and some, I haven't.
I switched from NAU to a smaller, local community college to pursue an asociates degree instead of a bachelors, Ryan and I have moved in together, I quit my job to become a full time nanny for the summer and don't know what I am going to do when school starts in the fall, but all these questions I'm getting there is so much these people don't know and I honestly dont think it's their place to ask or judge, I guess it kind of defeats the purpose of this blogpost by putting it all on the line like this but i believe in being raw and honest, so that's what I'm doing.

What they don't know is the level of commitment I have in my relationship, the discussions we have about our life and future and the fact that we are the only people that can make descions for ourselves because we are the only two involved.

The fact that school is so difficult for me and I have been working so hard and honestly been doing really well, and that I'm putting myself through school with my own money and I am damn proud of all that I have accomplished in my education and they should be proud too!

The fact that I work so hard at my current job and every job, I've ever had and I can honestly say that I have always been truly happy with my jobs and if I ever started to hate it, I would quit because never will I do something I don't love.

I crave a society where our success isn't based on income, education or relationships because I am so happy with where I am currently at and where I am going with my life, if I get married before I graduate college, so what?! If I never get married or never even graduate so what to that to? I am successful and happy and honestly, that's all that matters to me, so that's all that should matter to you to. The end. Happy day. I hope this didn't sound to rude.

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