Tuesday, September 16, 2014

tuesday thoughts

sometimes life blesses you with really great surprises in the form of canceled classes.
let me start off by explaining that this year has been a busy one for Ryan & I! Our schedules are so opposite and I'm on a farther away campus then last year and my work hours (that I actually really love) don't always line up with his life and his new position for his fraternity is more demanding the last year, as are our classes. So the little time we do get together is usualy spent doing homework and being lame, and I've been really grumpy about the business (he's handled it a lot better). but then today something wonderful happened! My morning class got out early so a friend of Ryans offered me a ride home and as we were driving Ryan called and told me to have Ethan drop me off at his place because his class was canceled!! Yayy!! We had TWO WHOLE HOURS before I had to be to work and Ryans next class started. So we took full advantage of that little gift and he went to Oregano's pizza joint for lunch.
& a lovely lunch date it was! 
We have been dating for almost a full year and we talked about how we were going to celebrate! We planned some fun trips and I finally got to spend some un-interupted time with my guy.
Oh, how I love him! Life has been so crazy and fun and busy and awesome lately! I'm so lucky I have someone to share it with! 

happy tuesday, friends xx
I hope you got some little surprises today:)

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