Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday Letters!

yipeee!!! happy friday, indeed.
not having friday classes is kind of the best, it worries me for the real world when I work mon-fri like a normal person because this semester friday mornings are for sleeping in, breakfast dates with my sweet boyfriend and a whole lot of laying around. anyway, on with the letters.

dear work,
I love you. I am glad to have a job I love and be able to have a steady job but this week has been a rough one, having to work until midnight tonight is not my favorite and with saturday and sunday off, I can't tell you how ready I am for tonight to be over. but don't worry, I will love you and be just as excited again on monday.

dear gilbert, az,
i'm glad I got to see you this week. even for just one day. I am thankful for stevies kindness and her families as well to let me tag a long for there 12-hour trip. I am thankful for the bywaters and how loved they make me feel and my parents and always letting me be there last minute to stop in and say hey. I like this town, i will see you soon

dear jenny,
i love random messages from you. i love that you read my blog and i love knowing you'll always be there from me. There are very few people from high school I still keep in touch with but you have always been a good friend to me no matter how busy either of us get or how often we get to talk or not talk. i love being a part of your life.

dear blog,
I have had every intention of writing 3-4 times a week and you know what? life happens. that's okay but it does. I have been one busy bee and my blog seems to fall short almost every week but friday letters seems ton be working for me and i'm greatful for that.

dear boyfriend,
one of the things I've always loved about you is how much effort you put in to all the things we do. I fell in love with you while you talked about snowboarding because I just loved your passion and I love seeing you work so hard and succeed at everything you do. I love that we are at a point where that has transfered to our relationship, I love how hard you work for us and everything you do for me. thank you for my breakfast date this morning. i love you

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