Friday, September 19, 2014

friday letters!! yayy

dear Ryan,
 I hope you have a fun adventure this weekend. 
thanks for making sure I felt extra loved before you left, you are so willing to serve me, i hope that I make you feel even half as loved as you make me feel. I love giggling with you and going on adventures. I know lately I've been so lame and don't do to many fun things with you due to homework but i love that you make everything fun.

dear Stevie,
thanks for being on of the best roommates around and keeping me company all day and being willing to help me craft and making me laugh and letting me vent. I have truly been blessed in the roommate department even when I'm busy with work and school and spend all my free time with Ryan ya'll are there for me no matter what.

dear Bowden,
my cute little 7 mo. old. I have loved nannying for you and your brothers and am so excited that your mom has asked me to watch you boys for the next couple months but last night was rough for both of us. I'm sorry you are teething but maybe next time you can try not to wake up 3+ times a night? I love you very much but you have made me very sleepy.

dear group projects,
oh how I loathe you. You have made my life very difficult but I am grateful for this oppertunity to learn patience and time management because between this project and all my other homework my planner is a neccasity. maybe we'll get along better next year?

happy weekend folks!

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  1. So cute! I'm sure this is the perfect way to get things off of your chest as well.