Monday, September 29, 2014

it feels good to be lost in the right direction

i think it's okay to forget friday letters sometimes. 
This year.... Oh where do I start about this year?
This year has been my busiest year of my life, I think... sometimes I'm crazy and stressed and my poor boyfriend has had to be very patient with me. I wish my apartment was cleaner, I wish I was getting more sleep, I wish I had more time for church activities.
but boy do I love this year. I truly love what I'm doing.

I honestly love my job. Not many people can say they leave thier job in a better mood than when they started but I do. I love the owners of the store and the customers and the mood there. 

I also tutor and that is one of the most fulfilling things I have ever done. I get SO proud of the girl I tutor when whe gets it, it makes me so much more re-assured that I am in the right major. Getting to teach someone else is the best feeling.

I love my roommates. I am a busy bee but coming home to my sweet roommates who are SO willing to help me and support me is so refreshing. I have been very blessed by these girls in more ways than they know.

I am so thankful for my thursday night nannying job. I watch 3 boys from 9pm-7am. They are all so awesome but one of my sweet boys is 7 months old. I get to spend a lot of time with him because he often wakes up in the night and wakes up early in the mornings. It is frustrating to get woken up when I'm so sleepy but he brings such joy into my life.
oh my gosh, seriously.... how could you not love that face?!

& most of all I love my sweet boyfriend but you'll hear more about that soon.
This year is busy and overwhelming but so so great. 
And sometimes you have to skip friday letters or procrastinate homework or stay up late watching chick flicks with your roommates and that is all okay, I may be taking school slow and life fast  and not have any idea what I'm doing but it feels good to be going some where. It feels good to be moving forward. I like this life.
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