Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday Letters

Dear Parents, Today I am very grateful for you. For your willingness to answer your phones. For your sympathy for my hurting and bleeding arms and legs and willingness to come bring me my bed, help me, support me, hug me, when I need you amidst your busy schedules.

Dear new boss, thank you for your patience and understanding. Thank you for hiring me and having faith in me.

Dearest Ryan, I love when you take the time to talk to me. The phone calls I always get during your breaks and your excitement equal to mine on our shared days off where we get to watch watch shows via skype. Thank you for constantly talking with me about my upcoming  trip to see you (23 days!!) and reminding me how much you can't wait to see me and kiss me.

Dear Roommate, I called you oh so frazzled. Thank you for understanding and helping me figure things out.

Dear Orange County, CA, Thank you for waiting for me with your sunny days, sandy beaches and endless fun. I will be there oh so soon and I can't contain my excitement.

Last My sweet Heather, you are my best friend. You are so strong, so so much stronger than you know. You are so very loved and you better remember it! Your kindness and sweet example have gone farther and touched more than you'll know, I can't wait to see you and road trip to CA and get some quality best friend time!! :)

Dear Self, Try to be thankful. Even through the craziness. Enjoy each moment. Don't let the time rush away because of excitement and anticipation. Enjoy the now. Please :) 

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