Wednesday, June 4, 2014

June Goals

You can always tell which blogs I'm reading by what I blog about! Lately I've been reading Oh Simple Thoughts. Hence the friday letters (that I want to start doing every week) and today is June Goals. I love that Rachel does goals every month and reviews them at the end of the month so I will try it this month and see how it goes!

June Goals
- Run 3-5 times a week
-Start Waffle Wednesdays at my apartment
-Start organizing apartment (Kitchen, Bookshelf, living room)
-Write at least 3 handwritten letters to new people!
-Have friends from church over for a nice dinner
-Make a recipe from pinterest
-Visit Ryan!!
-Mason jar crafts before CA
-Read a new book
-Read from the Bible every night
-Go to California with Heather! :)
-Volunteer at Flagstaff Family Food Center
-Vacation in CA with Heather
(you guys, i'm just so excited to see her and roadtrip and play at the beach)

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