Friday, February 28, 2014

I hope you don't think i'm a fool, maybe just a fool for you.

 it's about to get reeeaaalll mushy all up in here.
I recently read a post by one of my high school friends chelsey over at Jade Demure she wrote all about her missionary & their sweet love story. She is also a fabulous musician! so go check her out!

wellll.... this made me want to write about the lovely boy that i've gotten to call mine for the last 5 months, first off all because he is absolutely ahh-mazing and secondly because above all else I use this little blog as a journal and I have not written about him an awful lot & I want to be able to remember all the little things years from now.

So let's start at the very beginning.
We met on september 23rd. I'm not very good with dates but it's both my best friends birthdays soo... I remember. I was having an awful day & I went to my friend Jacobs room to cry to him and tell him about my problems but he wasn't there and so this cute boy across the hall asked me what I was looking for and I ended up sitting in his room for a while waiting for Jacob- waiting gets lots and lots of getting to know you time in.

-A soild 9 days later on october 2nd he kissed me for the first time & then he asked me to be his girlfriend.
9 days?! I know, I know. I'm not sure what i was thinking either but hey! it seemed to work out.

Then on oct 10th we went on my faaaavvorite date to see a movie. I don't remember the movie but I remember afterwards we went to the library because it was cold & we were walking home. And any one that knows me knows that I am a hardcore nerd so running around the library looking at all the books and reading and giggling and looking at maps was literal bliss.
[We took this picture, I was wearing my little sisters shirt and had a strand of blue hair]

oct 25 & 26 he met my family and one of my best friends (Heather- one of the ones who's birthday is sept 23) & her boyfriend Kevin, who I had only officially met the week before and ryan went to a coyotes games with me because I love hockey & he needed to see how cool it is!

that weekend my family liked him & heather liked him so I started to realllllyyyy like him and being home and showing someone who I liked some where that I love was a really good feeling.

Then on november 6th my big brother & hero graduated from boot camp

& on the 17th he came to visit me and meet Ryan.
I was really really scared because James is the most important person in my whole life.
I remember telling my friend MarthaMary that if James doesn't like a boy that I'm dating then I won't date him any longer because my brother is ALWAYS looking out for me.
James liked Ryan... which made me like Ryan an awful lot more.

Ryan asked if I would go home with him for thanksgiving and meet his family so on nov 27 we drove 7.5 hours to southern california to spend thanksgiving with his family.
he took me to the san diego zoo while we were there.

here's my tidbit of relationship advice- once you move out "meeting the parents" is a real big deal. that's not true. it's really not. Everyone met my parents & siblings when I was in high school. Therefore, it just made sense for the people that are important to me in college to meet my parents as soon as possible. I'm so happy Ryan got to meet my family when he did- not even a full month after we started dating. And I'm even more happy he asked me to meet his family right away. If you think you like someone seeing them with their family will make you like them so much more. Ryans parents made me feel so welcomed in their home. They are so kind and generous. I was so grateful to have met them when I did because we have gone back to his home since then and I'm always so excited to see his parents and brother! 

Then on december 18th, I had to say goodbye to him for 23 days to go spend christmas with our families. That was rough. We hadn't been dating that long and I was finally starting to understand him and really like him and we had to be apart for a whole month. I hated being away from him for so long but it helped me realize how much he really meant to me. This summer is gonna be awfully hard because we will be away for 4 whole months but I think after winter break, now I'll have a much different mind set. Instead of thinking about how sad I'll be, I'm going to concentrate on the great opportunity I'll have to build relationships with my friends and family.
right before we left- Ryan planned a Christmas date and we tried to build a gingerbread house.

When Ryan got back from CA, I had already been in Flagstaff for a couple days and I was really busy, I was working basically every single day but we still found some time for fun...
we went to a Yellowcard concert because we love them!

Then I finished up my job& to celebrate we took a trip to CA to visit his family & I volunteered in his Aunts classroom
yes, we are wearing the same outfits as the YC concert, it bothers me too.

& Heather and Kevin came to visit so we went to the Grand Canyon!

It has literally been the craziest passed 5 months with this boy but I wouldn't have had it any other way. We have so much fun together no matter what we're doing. We get to go to FL in 13 days hang out in orlando! We love to travel. We always take trips to pheonix or california or winslow or the grand canyon. I go on lots of adventures with him. He makes me smile every day and makes me laugh more than anyone. This boy is my best friend in the whole world and I am so thankful for him every day. When I'm sad he lets me cry and gets me treats and gives me lots of cuddles and when I'm happy, he's happy for me. I am so excited to see where the next couple years takes our lives, together or apart. I know we will both go far. He is my favorite boy & I'm going to try to be better at sharing our fun memories on here!

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