Wednesday, February 26, 2014

11 things that are the same in kindergarten as college

I love college but sometimes I can't help but think i'm starting a new all over again like when I started elementary school and lately i've come to realize that is exactly what I'm doing but it ain't so bad..

 11 things that are the same in kindergarten as college...

-I take a lot of naps. Like more then the average person.
-mac & cheese is a very important component to my diet
-if i'm sad, a treat always helps. especially ice cream or cookies
-I have uttered the words "can we be friends?"
-I will never underestimate the power of a bottle
-homework seems to take a real long time
-everything started out very scary
-i have real big dreams & i'm just trying to grow into them.
-I am no longer ashamed who I cry in front of.
-Everyone seems to get really excited about toys like water guns and dart guns
-I watch a lot of hey arnold, arthur & dragon tales
-disney is awfully cool

Here's a slightly irrelevant picture but get pumped folks! It's almost the weekend!

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