Tuesday, April 8, 2014

so what

so what if...

-so what if i'm writing this during class (and only slightly afraid those sitting behind me are judging me jumping between tabs of note-taking, pinterest and blog stalking.)
-so what if i'm wearing shorts in 50 degree weather because its been a long cold winter and this feels like spring
-so what if my absolute favorite part of my birthday weekend was getting a 96 pack of crayons
(i'll write about my awesome gift-giving roommate soon)
-so what if i've become addicted to peppermint tea day every day while i study.
-so what if my most exciting part of the weekend is sleeping in
-so what if i'm going to a free concert on thursday for an artist i've never even heard of.

i'm happy and here's why because i am doing what makes me happy and i am preparing for my future and i have a place to live next year and there are so many reasons to smile, including puppies!

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