Sunday, October 27, 2013

Yeah, they'll tell you now... you're the lucky one :)

Prep yourself: this post may get a bit girly & annoying but just accept it. please & thank you:)

Okay, so this weekend I went back home to Gilbert (cause... ya know, I don't do that enough as it is ;)
I brought my boyfriend (surprise! I got a boyfriend, guys) with me & let me tell you... I was the happiest girl in the world to be in my favorite town with my favorite boy, spending time with my family & Heather! :)

[Friday night we had a double date with Kevin (who I didn't post any pictures of-- sorry Kevin) & Heather! We carved pumpkins and ate pizza and made smores... basically everything that you should be doing in the fall!]
[The boys made Heather & I scoop out all the yucky insides of the pumpkin... ick!]

This kid took me to In n' Out because I miss it so!
(slight girlfriend bragging moment: He also surprised me last weekend & brought me In n' Out after he was away for the weekend!)
I may just be slightly obbsessed with In n' Out and we don't have one here in Flagstaff so I any chance I can I get it:)

We went to the Coyotes game saturday!!! 
Don't worry they won ;)

It was the best weekend, I could have ever asked for. I am so thankful for this boy and my friends and family, I don't know how I got so lucky but I have the best people in my life! 

[P.S. Well, yes. I did use a T-Swift quote as my title for this post. Maybe I'm just a little bit annoying, guys.... but I promise, I won't keep it up. I know my IG followers are already sick of it.]

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