Wednesday, October 30, 2013

What I learned my first 1/2 semester of college.

Aight, so with just finishing up my midterms.
I realizied I've been at college for a whole half a term!
So basically, I'm an expert at college & the most popular girl at school.
jokes, kiddos, jokes. I am no where near it but I have learned A LOT since moving away to college... so what better way to remember then to blog about it?!

-Even if your professors don't check it- DO IT.
You guys, these people don't care if you fail so make sure YOU CARE if you fail.

-Don't judge people until you get to know them.
Cliche, I know but you will get the oppertunity to meet so many different people and everyone you meet has a story to tell.. be open & kind to everyone... Yes, EVERYONE. Even that person you are thinking of right now that you absolutley do not want to have to be kind to.

-Know where the good hangover food is.
Even if you aren't planning on being hung over (like me!), most likely if its good food for a hang over it's just good food. (Example: If you go to UA --> Highland Burritos are good any day, any time)

-learn to love
have compassion for those around you, I firmly believe that most every person has good intentions, they just don't always show. So just be loving and kind. It's hard, I know it is but fellow human beings deserve respect, esspecially in college, where everyone is just trying to get by.

-College is a lot more studying & a lot less partying than the movies make it seem
If you want to be successful atleast. Will you go out? yes. Will you have fun? yes. but not every night, probably not even every weekend, it's not wild and crazy it's A LOT of work. so be ready.

-Remember to do your laundry
it sucks when it costs money but unclean clothes are not fun or attractive in anyway. For my sake and yours, just do it.

-Be nice to people.
Esspecially if you live in the dorms,  Other then the obvious (I'm sure we've all learned from MASH... "It's nice to be nice") I promise you at some point your first semester you will need something you don't have and being nice to people around you makes them so much more willing to help a brotha out.

-Lets be honest "I'll do it later" means you most likely won't do it.
College is super fun because there's ALWAYS things going on and it's never fun to be the one to say "no, I have an essay" or "I can't, I have to study" esspecially when you've spent 2 hours pinteresting and you totally could have gotten it done.

-Get stuff done, then have fun. ^

-It's okay to cry.
It's okay to get homesick, it's okay to get stressed and it's okay to cry (because you most likely will do all 3- I did. I still do.)
The good news is there's thousands of other people around you that are going through the same things so do us all a favor and remember that "We are ALL struggling in one way or another so we might as well be there for eachother" Give hugs & love & good vibes & prayers because you will need them at some point to.

-No body knows what they are doing
-You will more then likely change your major, your mind and your outfit, more then once. You'll change a lot and that's good! It means you are growing as a person and learning!

-Do what makes you happy.
Its rough... at least it is for me. School is hard. I miss my family every single day. I want to make friends that make me feel like my friends from back home make me feel, but finding things and people that make you happy is so key! For me that's writing letters, running, my major, church, calling my sister and spending time with the awesome people I've met here. Find out what it is for you and DO IT. If you aren't happy, there's no point in all this other advice!

(Look.. I'm alive & even being lazy... PC: Taylor Bellais)

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