Thursday, December 3, 2015

Christmas Photos

Long time, no see, eh?
Honestly, I haven't been feeling the whole blog thing lately, mostly because I neeeeed a new blog design! Like real bad, I have been talking with a girl who has an ahh-mazing blog design and is super affordable but I guess I was just waiting to after the holidays to pursue it. Anyway I'm rambling and my point is that I haven't been feeling like blogging but I really needed to post our Christmas photos some where, because they are so cute and I'm obsessed!

We printed like a million of these and framed them and gave them to basically everyone as Christmas gifts, Ryans Mom, our grandmothers, and then my step-mom and anyway, just printed a lot of these!

These are the ones that we used for our actual Christmas card, I'll have to upload it because trust me, it came out super cute!

Ok, super random... I saw these pictures on pinterest and I really wanted them, so I made our photographer (and my freshman roomie) Raven take like a million of these cutesy pictures and I have been to nervous to post them on instagram! Haha... typical.

These one's are just so romantic! Ugh, I am just so obsessed with these! I'm so happy with how they all came out :)

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  1. Hey girl, I replied to your comment but you are a no-reply blogger so you won't see it, if you look back at the post you can see my reply to your comment. I'd love to talk with you any time!! xo