Thursday, September 3, 2015

dear high school best friends

last but not least Nicole & Taylor and although they are the most unique and kind individuals, they are being put together because the three of us, were always put together the better part of senior year, but they'll each get their own letters :)

dear Nicole,
Remember last year when I called you crying from my bathroom floor? Yeah, well to me that was the epitome of our friendship. You are such a support and anchor. For whatever mood I'm in, you get excited with me over what ever, a new job, a good grade, getting asked to dances, you let me complain and cry and you always always have my back. I can never ever thank you enough for all that you were and all that you are through the many seasons of our friendship, it's so weird to think where we are now but it's such a blessing that you were and influence on my life. I love you always and forever!

Oh Taylor,
You have a way of understanding my sense of humor better then anyone. You brought your camera EVERY WHERE and I love that our adventures were documented, you were with me on all of my opinouns and we always agreed on things and it was good knowing I always had someone on my side and you really understood my stress and we shared a love of DP and your mom always adopted us all and loved us all :) 
p.s. you're still planning on photographing my wedding right?!

I can not even begin to describe how lucky I am for the two of you to support me and love me through the awkward stages of high school and taking such good care of my after Corinne's new years eve party and loving me the whole time even when I messed up big. For sharing a tiger town bond with me that no one will ever understand. All the people in my life now have you two to thank for helping teach me to be a good friend and human being, for learning how to do make-up. 

(Honorary mention: Melvin)

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