Friday, July 10, 2015

high school best friends

You guys, high school has the ability to really really suck.. You read in my last post about my bff Erin being by my side through all of high school, I ended up having an ahhhmazing group of friends in high school who were all so wonderful and supportive and I continue to keep in touch with but the one girl who I became close with towards the beginning of my high school career, that has literally seen it all is my dear friend Heather.... who didn't even go to my high school.

dear high school best friend,
Oh Heather, I have so much to thank you for. From the first day we met when you didn't hate me for being on a date with your soulmate (haha, well not really) to last week when I talked for 12 minutes straight and you listened to me vent the whole time. You are literally the most genuine person I have ever met and high school was such a time for change and decisions and you made such a huge impact in shaping me to who I am today, high school was a time where I needed endless hours of support and encouragement and you came through every time, you listened to everything I was struggling with and was so supportive, I think back on my high school self and boy was I dumb. I think and said the silliest of things and you still made me feel like the coolest person ever. You have always helped me to uphold my standards and remind me of promises I've made to myself and we all need a friend like that. You understand my crazy family better than anyone (probably because yours is crazier) and you are someone always constantly there for me, Sam and Jess, all at the same time. Now that's what I would call worlds best multitask-er. How, did I get so blessed with you as one of my very best friends. You were so perfect for that stage of my life and every stage after that! Thank you for being my rock and loving me no matter how weird and selfish I am.

love, Tessa

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