Thursday, July 9, 2015

to the girl who made me not hate this state

If you've ever moved as a kid you know its basically the end of the world until someone comes around that makes you really like the place you've moved to, even if they don't hang around for very long you and your childhood self owe them a big THANK YOU! for me that was Erin (well Kim but mostly Erin) so this ones for you.

dear Erin,
remember the first time we met?! I do. I hated az, you wouldn't have known that because I was trying so hard not to hate it and I was trying to be friendly but I hated every second of it. We had the same phone one of those phones that slides up and has a full key board so you can text so much better, the ones that were all the rage, I remember those phones but I don't remember who said it first either way one of us said "hey! we have the same phone" and we started looking through each others pictures and you had a picture with Misty and you both had really cool socks on and we bonded over our love of socks. Then you invited me over for memorial day and we went swimming in your pool and you decorated the dug outs of our church softball team for my birthday and gave me a sprite flavored lip gloss (this must have been before we established that we were both coke lovers) you have been such a good friend to me all these years from the first time you invited me to your house to swim in your pool and bake cookies the the time you helped me move into my first apartment (wait that was like 2 weeks ago)! After we got over jr. high you became my best high school friend, as I began to get more confident ad comfortable and make my own friends, you were still always by my side! Through it all, and even though we have grown so far apart I still always am and will be so grateful the universe (more like your mom forced you) created this friendship and brought us together & so grateful you are now moving up to my favorite town to live so close to me :) and we will continue to party (and by party I mean binge watch netflix and force Ryan to bring us pizza)

love, Tessa

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