Saturday, June 27, 2015

dear first best friend

[This will  be the first instillation on my best friend letters, as I am reflecting on my life and the friends that have helped me grow to who I am today, I won't to document a personal note to how each of them have shaped me. Just hang on, it'll start to make sense :)]

Dear childhood best friend,
For me it's Emma. I can never ever repay you for what you've done. You invited me to your twelfth birthday party and it was a sleepover, I'm gonna be real here, I was 11 years old... I had never been invited to a sleepover before. Yep. Everyone else in our grade has far surpassed me, they were having sleepovers since kindergarten and I had never even been to one, let alone a sleepover birthday part!!! I was so nervous. I so badly wanted to make friends and be cool. It was bad. I thought I wouldn't make any friends and then, I was invited to your sleepover birthday. I remember being nervous and excited... the day came and as soon as I arrived at your house you introduced me to your other friends that how I met Hannah and Clara, Janet and Becca... you shared all your friends with me. Included me in every single game, movie discussion, everything that we did that night I felt included. Not only that but you continued to be my friend passed the sleepover party, you still continue to be my friend 9 years later. You continued to invite me out, your friends became my friends, they started to invite me out and I finally felt cool, I probably wasn't very cool but I sure felt it, my nervous little 11 year old self finally felt accepted. When I found out I was moving to Arizona I was devastated, I finally met friends and they were being ripped away from me!!
Then you became my pen-pal, you experienced life with me!! You were the first person I told about the new friends I was making, my first kiss, when Ryan and I started dating, all the first in that relationship, college, my dad getting married! You have been the most faithful penpal and friend. You have shown me what true friendship is, have supported me through every season of life and will always have such a special place in my heart because you were the very first person to show me, people are just people and they shouldn't make you nervous, and all the possibilities there are if I have a little confidence! Thank you for inviting me to your twelfth birthday party and continuing to do every thing right.

I love you penpal. 
Love, Tessa

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