Monday, November 24, 2014

happy fall

I spend most days waking up at 4:30am then I go to work, go to school have lunch with my sweet boyfriend, go back to work get off around 6 and spend the whole evening doing homework before, after (and sometimes during) dinner.
Sometimes I dispise this schedule and sometimes I love it. My weekends are a time for rejuvination. I relax and play with my friends and take time to cook but lately they have been all about homework! It's that time of year where it seems everything needs to be done and there's no way to do it so that passed couple weeks I have been so crazy but yesterday as the weekend winded down I went over my lists of projects I still needed to do, assignments I had to get done and people we still needed to get Christmas presents for and I came to the realization that we were done. 100% done. I have no assignments left for the semester. No presents left to buy, no projects or chores to be done around the house. This is the first time all semester I didn't have a check to make on a never-ending to-do list and boy it felt nice! I get to see my family tuesday night all the way until friday morning! Two straight days of family time!!! I am oh so excited and can't belive I just have to survive today before I can really really relax and after this week just one short week and Ryan and I leave for Florida on december 15th and that's when the real vacation begins! Oh boy am I excited!
Life is good, my friends! Maybe one of these days, I will get good at this again.

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