Monday, December 1, 2014


oh hey monday! 
didn't recognize ya there after such a lovely long weekend.
I hope you all had a lovely thanksgiving weekend! I sure did (despite some minor mis-haps) it was so nice to see my family for a couple days, Ryan and I drove tuesday night got there and basically went straight to sleep spent wednesday and tursday and drove back thursday night after a delicously filling meal (that I didn't eat much of) since we had work friday and saturday, I ended up getting sick and only working friday but that's okay, I was able to relax and regain my health and get dinner cooked for me ;) which is my favorite! This boyfriend of mine finds endless ways to serve me. Other than that I am just counting down the days until school is done with and I get to take a 3-week vactation to Florida!! Speaking of..... We're doing universal & disney world, any tips or tricks?? I've been pinteresting the heck out of it!

I am currently obsessing over countdowns. In a world where I have an unlimited amount of time I would make those linked countdown calenders, with construction paper, where you take one off every day because those are so fun! For now, I just use an app on my phone :) as you can tell I'm excited!

Happy monday!! fingers crossed I survive mine :)

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