Saturday, September 6, 2014

Friday Letters

Friday Letters (one day late)

dear boyfriend,
you are one sweet thing! I can not wait to figure out or new schedules because it's real rough not seeing you very much. I know this week will be a busy one but I am so proud of you, I appreciate you when you get so excited about things and work so hard. This passed week was so lovely thank you for ice cream dates, fruit cups and lots of kisses. lets do it again soon xo
love, Tessa

dear Grandma,
You are one awesome lady!!! Thank you for giving me advice and being there to talk to me every time I need some love or don't want to walk alone. Thank you for supporting my dreams and adventures because you know just how important they are too me. I love you, I can't wait to see you soon!

dear Breeann,
I love having you as a roommate. Thank you for all the late night chats, the carpooling places, I aprecciate our shared love of food, especially the free kind. You make me laugh and let me tell you all my problems and sharing your treats with me.
(P.S. I love all my other roommates too but Breeann was just real helpful and sweet this month!)

dear ben & jerrys,
thank you for being on sale and being so yummy.
you are my most favorite ice cream of all time.

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