Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday Letters

dear school, You seem real, real hard right now but I am so thankful for this new set schedule. I know it will become doable and I am blessed to have this education. let's get along better this year, okay? 

dear blogging world,
I am sorry I have been neglecting you but I have been busy having adventures which I think are important to have when your young, broke and surronded by good friends. thank you for being understanding of my lacking and giving me a place to put my thoughts and experiences. thank you for being my little journal and letting me document my life.

dear Ryan, 
I am so happy and blessed to be back with you.Thank you for your love this week and our lunch dates. thank you for your support as I adjust to my roommates, school and a job. thank you for letting me blow you off but being there when I need you, thank you for bringing me a yummy donut this morning. My heart is filled with love for you.

dear Marshall lake,
I'm coming for you tomorrow and I can't wait for relaxing in the woods and campfires and fishing for just one night. I need this break after this hectic week.

cheers to the freaking weekend my friends!!

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