Sunday, May 18, 2014

The freshman 15 (& how I avoided it)

So the "freshman 15" didn't exactly happen to me.
I actually lost 20 pounds once I came to college without even trying! Yep that's right. I didn't even try, no crazy diet, no hardcore abs work out (although it would have been cool to do one of those because abs would be nice!) but since it happened I thought maybe I should write about some of the lifestyle changes I made in college that might help you. Let me start by saying I have never wanted to be "skinny" I've always always thought I was pretty regardless of my weight but I have always wanted to be healthy. I ran cross country in high school, I was relatively healthy but I think I got a bit chubby on the off season and once I came to college things changed here's just a few:

-I started walking EVERY WHERE, my school had a bus system but I was too afraid to figure it out but I calculated it one day and I burned 227 calories just from walking to my classes. Seriously, it goes a long way!
-WATER! I started drinking water because my school is 7,000 feet elevation but once I realized the amazing health benefits I would never stop! It curves your appetite, helps tone muscles, supports degestion, liver functions. It's basically a miracle drink.

-Take PE classes! I took water areobics, it could be anything but exercise is key even if it's just free yoga or zumba once a week!

-Take advantage of the healthy options! People always rag on meal plans but I think mine was very helpful! There were loads of options on campus that were healthy and buying my own grocceries, I always made sure to have healthy snacks!

I don't know if you can tell the difference in these pictures but I posted them anyway!

[This was before college- I was a chubster!]

[This semester!]

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