Saturday, May 10, 2014

friends like these are hard to find

okay folks.

I literally have some of the best friends in the entire world and I'm about to brag about them.
You guys know saying goodbye to Ryan was not an easy thing and I wish Hayli was still here in flagstaff to let me come cry and cuddle with her like I do when I'm sad, but its okay!

Yesterday after Ryan and I said goodbye I went over to Emilys and she gave me a hug and let me sit on her floor and talk to her and made me laugh about other things until I felt better. Emily is such a good friend, even if I don't talk to her for all the time she's there for me when I need her and I wish I could be like that to more people. I'm so lucky I have her in flagstaff.

[I'm not sure why the only picture I could find of us was this but oh well]

Of course when I brag about my friends Erin has to be included. We both know that from a keeping in touch standpoint Erin is not a prize winner but she has been texting me and checking up all week asking about my finals, my job, saying goodbye to Ryan and even though I haven't been the best at replying, she texts me back when I get the chance to. Plus, she's coming to visit me in a couple weeks to keep me busy:)

 Nicole called me literally just as Ryan was driving away. She must have best friend telepathy or something. I didn't answer and then she texted me and I didn't reply and then I finally replied last night as I was laying in my bed and this morning and I don't know why I didn't early she always makes me feel so much better. She's kind of the best.

 You guys. Heather is literally the sweetest girl I know. First of all she graduated yesterday so that is pretty rad! Now she'll move on to start the nursing program! She has also been through a lot this last week and I was asking her about it all and she tells me how she is and then goes but how are you? tell me about you. That might not seem like a big deal but to me it was because I am the type of person that when somethings wrong, I just need to vent and I don't usually think about how others are and Heather ALWAYS does. She is such a good example and friend to me.

I really miss my friends from home. I'm lucky I have Hayli here and Emily but I get real bummed out sometimes when I realize I'm away from Nicole, Erin and Heather. I hope I will meet friends like that up here and get closer with the friends I already do have up here. I am one lucky girl:)

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