Wednesday, April 23, 2014

we're just a box of souvenirs

You guys I have been hardcore slacking on my blog. I made this blog as a journal to document all my experiences in my crazy young-adult life and have a place to put down all my thoughts, which is what it was and still is but a while ago I decided to make it public...mostly because I loved reading other blogs so much, the things that people wrote inspired me, challenged me and made me feel so connected! I wanted people to connect with me the way I did with those other bloggers, I'm not sure whether or not that's happened yet but I have grown to love my blog and other bloggers too! But here we are... I started my junior year of high school and now I am almost a sophomore in college. I still keep up with most of the blogs I started with because like I said, they are a big part of why I started blogging and I think they deserve a spotlight)....
(she was my efy counselor my sophomore year of high school. She was young and fun and it's been so cool to read her blog and watch her get engaged, then married, then have the cutest baby boy on the planet. It's crazy!)
(Okay, not to be biased but quite possibly my favorite website on the entire Internet. Kylie went to my high school and was a couple years older but her blog is so real she's hilarous and true and everything she writes uplifts me in some way basically you should check her out!)
(tbh, I started reading Michelles blog because she was traveling Europe during her study abroad but then she came back to the U.S. & turns out she still has pretty cool adventures! When are you going to start blogging again miss?!)
(Most everyone knows the Daybook blog. Pretty sure this gal is basically famous.)
(You guys.... cutest family ever! They live in NY & their kids are adorable and I read this blog out of lust all the time! but she's so sweet too!)


  1. Tessa! Oh I love that you have a passion for blogging:) Keep it up -it's seriously been my favorite to be able to look back on different parts of my life and see how I've grown (and how embarrassing I sometimes am). It's the most consistent journal I've been able to keep.

    p.s.I love Naomi's blog too!
    p.p.s. Can't wait to see more blog posts from you!

  2. You are too sweet! I do not deserve the title "favorite website on the internet", but I will proudly try to live up to it! Love you Tessa!