Wednesday, February 12, 2014

in honor of my least favorite holiday

reading: Kissing Booth by Lexie Hill no, I don't recommend it. yes, i'm embarrassed that i'm reading it.
I read this book in 9th grade and wanted a cheesy girl book & it's here at college thus, I am reading it.
watching: Arthur! I always love Arthur on pbs:)
eating: a lot of jolly ranchers 
(boyfriends mom sent a valentines day package with my favorite!!!!)
dreaming: of spring break! i get to see Angela & Sam again and eat my aunts yummy home cooked italian! Plus DISNEY!!!! :))
looking: for a place to live next year :(
listening: enchanted & frozen soundtracks! 
wearing: lots of skirts for the warm weather flagstaff has given us:)
cooking: lots of vday related sweets & treats
wanting: enough sleep at least one night a week
waiting: for the weekend (my parents are coming!)
loving: my boy, my family & every kind person i've come in contact with this passed week
planning: spring break! because when i'm excited... I plan!
Feeling: sooo thankful for random acts of kindness lately

Also... listen to this song:

I think this is my favorite love song in honor of my least favorite holiday.
have a good weekend xx

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