Saturday, January 4, 2014

Some day it'll be clear what I'm meant to do & why I'm here

Well... 2013 is over.
Normally I don't care about New Years because it doesn't ever feel like anything changes, I think that has something  to do with the fact that it's the middle of the school year for me so every thing basically stays the same.

2013 though... it feels over. 
2013 was my year, this is the year I graduated high school, the year I started college, I turned 18, got my first kiss, I went to my senior prom, experienced Disneyland in California, took my first spring break trip with friends, I said more goodbyes this year then I ever have in my whole life, I moved away from my parents, both my older brothers moved out of the house, got my first boyfriend! 

2013 was an awfully significant year in my life and now it's gone.
I can't know  2014 will be near as memorable as 2014 but I can promise my self it will be better and I will be better. I hope this new year brings more hand written letters, more long phone calls with all of my loves that live oh so far away, better friendships, lasting memories, laughing til my tummy hurts.
I hope this year brings better scripture study, more exercise, more books to read and movies to see, hikes in the mountains and waves at the beach, goodnight kisses and hugs with friends. I hope 2014 brings trials and I sure hope I learn from them.

I'm headed back up to NAU this week and I can't wait to start the new semester, I have missed it so much while being back home in my parents house. Flagstaff has made my heart so very full. I am at peace there. It's where I belong. Happy New Year, friends xx

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