Monday, January 6, 2014

I showed up at your door so blue, thank God I had a friend like you...

I have something to say.
I love girlfriends.
I love the idea of girls nights and chick flicks and secrets.
Everything that girlfriends entail.

I've turned into one of those girls I never wanted to be, but I think it's kind of inevitable. I think most girls probably turn into the girl I am, at some point in their life.
I am the girl that has fallen so head over heels for a boy that he comes first.
In this moment he is my whole world.
When I have a free moment I want to be with him and when I can't be with him, I want to be talking to him. I am dreading our time apart, even if it's just a couple days or weeks.
This isn't necessarily a bad thing. I've always been a "give it all you've got" type of gal. I was just raised in a way that if you commit to something, you do your best... that's how it was with sports, school, church, family, friends and I guess that attitude kind of just transferred over to boys. Plus he's a pretty great guy. Maybe I spend a little too much time with him and I'm a little too love struck but I'm not complaining, that's just how life goes and no matter what, I know I'll learn from it.

So back to girlfriends. I am so guilty of not making time for them the way I should, but I still love them with my whole heart. These are the girls that I could go to crying 3 days straight and they'll listen with out a second thought. They will be there literally no matter what. The girls that provide hugs when I need it. I laugh with them and smile with them. These are the people that deal with you at your worst and celebrate with you at your best. These are the people that do anything for you. Every moment I spend with these girls fills me with joy because I just know they are meant to be in my life. I've never been very girly but I've come to realize the importance of a good group of girls.
 Boyfriends, husbands, lovers.... they are great but never will they be able to be your everything... sisters, friends and roommates. They are there to fill in where those people who mean so much to you just can't. They are the ones who understand you're side and you're struggles even if it's completely your fault and it may seem like you're being crazy. These girls are honest and true, they'll call you out on your crap if that's what you need or just let you vent if that's what you need too. They are there to pick you up no matter what. I can never repay the countless clothes borrowed, laughs between us, shoulders I've cried on, ears to listen when I vent, girls nights, hugs given, parties gone to, forgiveness granted and everything else your best friends are there for!
I have some absolutely fabulous girlfriends from home but it wasn't until I started spending time with the girls here at college that I realized all of this.

Let me tell you a little bit about some of the girls that make college so so good for me:

My neighbors.. Tristan & Bri always have their door open. I think they may be starting to regret this because I'm pretty sure I barge in there like 7x a day and just sit down and start eating their food and telling them my problems. They give me advice and make me laugh and always always make sure I'm included. They have been there for more times then I could count to invite me out or invite me to stay in and craft. Tristan always makes me feel better and is going to be the perfect teacher. Bri is pretty straight forward but it's good because sometimes I need to be reminded not to freak out, she's funny and honest so it works. They are the best neighbors to have!

Hayli's my neighbor too but on the other side, I wish I could be more like her. She is one of the most selfless people you will ever meet and I don't think I'll ever be able to repay her for her friendship. She takes care of my when I'm sick or sad. Sometimes I just go sit on her bed to cuddle or cry and sometimes we stay up until 1 or 2 or 3am talking about life. She is oh so thoughtful in every way and is such a good example of kindness and acceptance!

Tyla is the girl I can talk to anything about. She makes me laugh until my tummy hurts because of her sass and honesty but I appreciate it when I need some real talk advice because this girl tells it like it is and I love that about her. She is there to reply to my middle of the night texts and go to dinner or take me on long drives, she is so nice about things.

& of course my girl Brie, she (sadly) isn't in the picture below but is one of the first people I met in my hall. She is kind of my opposite but she is accepting of everyone so we get along:) she has taught me a whole lot of real world stuff that I know I needed to learn so thank heavens for that! She invites me out every time she goes and it makes me feel so good to be included. She enjoys life to the fullest and I admire that about her. She always shares her clothes and popcorn and is such a genuine person.

I know with friends like these I shouldn't be the girl that I am (the girl with the boyfriend) but the absolute best thing about them is, they know that I mess up and they'll still be there for me when I do. I am going to try harder to be there for them next semester because every single one of them has been there for me in a way that I can't repay. Thank heavens for girlfriends, my life would be awfully sad and boring without them.

“Maybe our girlfriends are our soul mates"- Candace Bushnell

 (Sex & The City --> no, I have not read or seen it)

[My baby sister-- because sisters are the ultimate best friend)

(One of many girls nights with just a couple of my loves)

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