Friday, December 20, 2013

& sometimes time doesn't stand still

-It's 4 o'clock and I'm still in my PJ's.
-I brought home my laundry and it took me 6 loads to have everything clean.
-I haven't eaten anything but soup and artichoke dip since i've been home.
-I spent over 2 hours in the car catching up with Erin
-I cuddled with my puppy all night long
(even though I was angry at first that she woke me up)
-my sister and i may have laughed til we couldn't breathe all morning
-There isn't snow on the ground and that makes me happy
-The corn field by my house has no crops and that's news
-slowly but surely all my high school friends are getting back into town
-my little brother came and sat on the edge of my bed last night just to catch up

Things have changed a lot since I've lived here but it's nice to stop in for a visit now and then and its always nice to see my family. I miss them every single day, I hope that never goes away.

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