Monday, November 18, 2013

You'll always find your way back home.

Okay guys... there is something I wanted to post last time but decided that it deserves a post all to itself.
One last thing I learned my first 1/2 semester of college is how much I love Gilbert, AZ.
I know it isn't where I was born or even where I had my childhood but I've realizied it's my home and I have defended that place to the end the past couple months. Maybe it's a little hick and a little small town but it sure does have my heart. No matter where your from, when you move away hands down you will realizie just how much you love it and just how lucky you are.
Now to everyone reading this that isn't from Gilbert, Arizona... I apoligize in advanced for how biased this is and unrelatable for those who don't know, but after talking with some friends from back home here's what we decided....

You know you're from Gilbert, AZ when...
-You think the water tower is a cool place to hang out
-You wait in line for hours just to get free bbq
-You've gotten pro at pronouncing things like "Val Vista" and "Gaudalupe"
(and any time anyone pronounces it correctly with a spanish accent, you don't know what their talking about)
-You pass a cop every mile
-Starbucks is not an option. You're addicted to local coffee shops.
(Bergies, Rush, Dutch Bros)
-Bike riding down a canal is a perfectly acceptable summer activity
-You consider the Raparian Preserve nature.
-Stores close at 9 and you're used to it by now.
-You have refered to your home as G-town and no one questions it.
-You drive by a Mormon church every mile
-You know good mexican food
-You've had the Costa Vida v. Cafe Rio debate
-Ice blocking is the only reason to leave your house in the summer
-You're not surprised to see a horse walking down the sidewalk
-If off-roading & country music were involved it was a good weekend

I love flagstaff with my whole heart but talking to my friends from back home make me appreciate how lucky I am to come from such a good place! I miss my family and my friends and my town, but coming here made me appreciate that more than I ever would have other wise :)

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