Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Young bloods can't be settling down.

Welp, I was getting antsy... so I booked myself a trip to Florida in a few weeks.
I realize now that was super drastic and when most people get antsy they go on a run or start a new project but that's just the way I work, I guess.
Before I booked my ticket I was reading a post by one of my blogging inspirations: Kylie and she talked about the trips she's taken without regrets, so that may have had to do with my spontaneous plane ticket bought, but that's okay, I just needed some guts.
I'm also going to California this weekend, so the summer is looking bright. :)

 Here are some random pictures that don't pertain to the post at all, since I am so behind at posting them....
[here's Nick Santino (lead singer from A Rocket To The Moon), I met him last week at a show]

[Another graduation picture... my whole family (minus missionary brother Sam)]

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