Saturday, June 22, 2013

Don't you, forget about me.

My pandora stations have been playing a lot of pitch perfect as of late but hey! I'm not complaining.
Also [WARNING] this post is an overload of pictures.
My life as of lately:

 Went to Disneyland for Grad Night with such a good group of friends, we spent 12+ hours in the park and it was magical. It was my first time.... so naturally, we had to go to City Hall and get a pin because even at 18 years old, Disneyland is something to get excited about. We got back on Fathers day (which I gave my Dad his gifts and love and made sure he knew he was appreciated) and then a couple hours later Jacob, Tiff & I left for Flagstaff because Monday & Tuesday we had Orientation at NAU (where I will be in the fall)

Oh, you guys! I just LOVE Flagstaff, AZ it's basically the prettiest place, I can not WAIT to spend the next 4 years of my life there.

I think I've overloaded enough for now.
 Stay tuned for missionary goodbyes, big surf dates,  girls trip & more pictures ;)

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