Friday, May 31, 2013

Friends laugh together

Tonight was girls night.
Can I just say, I seriously have the most lovely friends?
Every time I spend time with these ladies it just puts me in the happiest mood!
We went to see and saw Iron Man 3 (I know, I fail as a nerd because I just now got to seeing it!)
but guess what guys? Nicole works at Harkins so I got to see it for only $4!! holla! 
Then we headed into Scottsdale for some yummy grimaldis! (picture ^^) then milkshakes at Suagr Bowl which was delish (as always) and after that it was time for random spontaneous pictures in down town Scottsdale, naturally. [I will post pictures of that when I get them] You guys, you get used to these things when one of your closest friends is a photographer, so we wandered and explored and it was quite nice.
We decided it was time to go after running into quite a few drunk adults.
It was so fab though! No matter what these girls never cease to put me in a good mood, I am excited to see what is up next in our lives!
Oh and while we're on the subject here's another picture from graduation:

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