Saturday, February 23, 2013

Keep giving me hope for a better day, keep giving me love to find a way.

 This one is for my sweet puppy Bella!
Well... I guess she's not really a puppy since she's 6 but she is the sweetest dog you will ever meet.
She can always tell when I've had a bad day and she will cuddle with me and stay with me as long as I need.
On Halloween this year everyone went out and it was just Bella and I at home passing out candy.
I never ever feel alone because I've always got this lovely doggie with me.
She loves to jump up on my bed while I'm watching netflix and trying to sleep.
She loves to be around people, when we're eating dinner she always has to sit UNDER the table so she is around everyone in the house.
I think she may be the most popular person in our family. 
My cuddle sessions with her and our long walks are some of my most precious moments in life, when everything seems so wrong and you have this dog that loves you so much no matter what, it makes you feel so happy and good and full inside and that is why dogs are so good and mine just happens to have such a special place in my heart, she has taught me so much.

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