Monday, February 18, 2013

I'm never going down, I'm never giving up.

Hi there! 
I've been keeping busy and enjoying life.
Spending lots of time on scholarship apps, and college, grown-up girl stuff and just trying to live out the end of my senior year and all that sentimental stuff.
[Spending lots of time with T-Squad]

I went down to Tucson last weekend with Heather and that was an absolute blast! I love road trips and Heather is a doll and let me talk the whole time and blast music and laugh a whole bunch and as always it was so good to see Erin! I miss her so much sometimes....I didn't take hardly any pictures but there's always next time, I guess ;)
 Today Abbey and I spent too much money on on-sale valentines day candy and easter candy so now we're all prepped for Bachelor tomorrow night! :)

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