Friday, February 8, 2013

[I was a little girl, alone in my little world]

Okay wellll....
I cleaned my room yesterday and found over 20 comic books. 
[I think that qualifies as an addiction. I don't know.]
I also watch the bachelor with my sister almost religously.
Nothing gets me more intrigued then a good book.
I went a week without drinking a coke and it was the worst week ever.
I bite the backs of pens and pencils
(so when ever people lend them to me, they never want them back)
I can't leave the house or hang up the phone with any of my family members with out saying 'I love you'
I am the queen of worrying
I watch at least one movie a weekend.
I snack on star wars gummies at least weekly.
Grilled cheese sandwhiches make bad days good.
I can't get through a day with out music.
I can't go to sleep with out my stuffed bear.
Good quotes and funny things get me through the days.
I hope you appreciate just a few of my many addictions ;)

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