Thursday, January 31, 2013

I know some day that it'll all turn out!

I don't know what it is about January but I am always happy when it ends. It's such a long month and always seems to be one of my hardest but alas, then comes February and February is only 28 days long! I can do 28 days, it's kind of like the universes gift to me after making January so difficult! This year wasn't all bad though! Some highlights from the passed month:
-Miss Brooke paid us a visit from Australia!
[Brooke and I, her first time at IHOP!]

[Went to Sweetys Candy Shop with Jacob&Robbie]
My family hosted her from January 11th-21st and it was an absolute delight! She is one the the sweetest, funnest mots outgoing girls I've had the pleasure of meeting, It's so strange how in such a short amount of time someone can make such an impact on your life, she fit right in with my family and I miss her oh so much already!
-Miss. Abbey turned 16! What the what?! My little sister should NOT be getting this old!
[On Abbeys actual birthday!]
-School started up again, my last semester of high school which is crazzzyyy!!!
-Erin was in town for 1/2 of this month party rocking!
-NHL Lockout ended!!!!
[We took Brooke to opening night! Lets goooo yotes!!!]
-Season 7 of HIMYM came on netflix!
-I beat my 2 mile time ;)
Alright well goodbye January and welcome on the Month of Love (even though I hate Valentines day) <3

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