Wednesday, November 14, 2012

there's room for everyone on the nice list!

I sit here... blogging mostly because I haven't in forever and when ever I don't blog I feel like I have some secret reader out there that I'm letting down, when in reality no one reads my blog besides the occasional family member, oh well. I'll still type out what's on my mind.
So, I have been feeling so ready for college like so ready I almost forget that I've still got 6 months, 
but today I am not excited, today I feel nostalgic.
I am sitting here while Nancy & Dad sit behind me looking out a magazine discussing what new screen door they are going to put into our house and I kind of realized that when I leave.. they will still have a life, they'll still go to dinner and go on dates and the house will change, they will put up and take down decorations and to me that is just so weird. It's like I always thought about ME and the life I was going to be living, I kind of forgot that for other people it would go on. Time isn't going to stop.
Anyway, it's weird but I guess life is good.
I'm going to go watch Elf with James and Abbey now!
Happy Holiday season! :)

Here's some pictures from my long weekend in Tucson:

[Had a blast driving up with Caity and Nicole! I love those girls]

[Pretty much all Erin and I did was eat food, it was fab]

[Long walks, sitting in the grass and long chats, oh how I missed her]

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