Thursday, November 22, 2012

part time believer

I guess it's time to write about my thanksgiving.
well first things first I woke up unreasonabley (i know I always say that but any time before like noon doesn't seem reasonable to me) early to get my work out on with miss. Taylor and then crazy thing happened! Kalyn was there! Kalyn Goodenough, you guys! She's awesome! She graduated last year and so I haven't seen her a whole lot cause she's off at college and she came and worked out with us and it pretty much rocked my morning.

[KG kicked our butts]

[T-Dawg and T-Kat (me) gettin swoll]

[post work out picture ;)]

Anyways then I came home and had like 30 minutes to get ready, I have kind of a funny situation since all my family lives back east we usually spend holidays with Nancy family but since her and my dad just recently got married I don't really know everyone. So there is a lot of hugging and a lot of "how are yous?" and a lot of whispered "who is that"'s with my sibs.. and usually i ended up just playing with the little kids... okay, so that happens all the time anyway.
[when we drove out, dad sat in the back seat with me]

[this is my 4 year old buddy i spent most of the day with]

[oh yeah, and then we all went on a hay ride]

it was a pretty fab day, my friends.
now i'm going to take a nap and then head out at midnight for some black friday shopping!
I love, love, love everything and (as always) am incredibley thankful and humbled by my many blessings!

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