Saturday, November 10, 2012

T-Town pictures my friends!
woot woot!
All the counslers!
Oh man, was I lucky to work with such amazing people <3

This was my discussion group, I love each and every one of these kids with my whole entire heart and I  don't think I can express how much they have touched me and influenced me. I just feel like this was my group for a reason. I needed them more then they know :)

We all have first hour together! Haha :)

My Melvin!!!! We've been buddies since Jr. High <3

Yet again, the sign was changed! It's tradition you guys.

I can't belivie that was my last Tiger town camp! It was seriously so amazing and I will miss camp more then you know but I will forever cherish the memories and lessons and things I have taken away, I can honestly say I am a much better person because of Tiger Town and all the amazing people I have come to know through it!

On another note, I get to have a sleepover with some amazing friends tonight and leave for Tucson tomorrow morning to see Erin!!! :)

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