Wednesday, September 5, 2012

still i hope there's hope for you.

[All us girls at the temple open house]
Instead of complaining about my day I am going to tell you about my weekend because that is much more interesting and much more fun!
On friday I got home from school throw a bunch of clothes in a bag and hopped out the door to start my 12 hour drive to the great state of Utah! Erin and her little sister Elise and Elise's best friend Alli and  of course Seeeester Bywater were all going, so we could go to the Brigham City Open house and can I just say I fell in love with Utah all over again?! Oh my heck it is so beautiful! I love the small towns and the mountains and the weather! We just got home on monday night and boy was I exhausted but in a good way... I didn't want to bombard you with pictures but here are a couple to start off with ;)

[Erin and I]

[Cute little diner called Bert's!]

[Hoover Dam]

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