Thursday, September 6, 2012

I just want to Be Ok today!

It's thursday and you know what that is!
Acctually you don't because I never do it but Miss. Sydney over at the The DayBook Blog started this here fun thing and now it's all over the blog world!

-hitting someone in the face with a door.
[yes, that happened.]
-crying in class.
[don't judge me, guys.]
-my photographer friend asking me to model for her for a mock photoshoot
[.....have you seen the way I take pictures? awkkk]
-giving tours to new students... especially when they are totally gorgeous hockey guys. and the fact that i am now blogging about him.
-The amount of episodes of New Girl and Awkward I have watched this passed week.
-The amount of brownies I have eaten.
-When I say "I need a drink" and get invited to a party.
[...I swear, i was talking about a coke. Like a circle K drink.]
-When you drink something and it spills all over you.
-When you get an e-mail telling you that you are invited to a U.S. exchange program where you can "live comfortably with an American family" 
-dumb girls.
[okay, that's not awkward but it's annoying!]

-Circle K
-Getting complimented on a pony tail day.
-Getting told you remind someone of Zooey Deschanel <3 oh my heck!!!!
-comfy tshirts & sweat pants
-coffee dates with good friends.
-letters in the mail
-when you are sitting outside and the smell of bacon is in the kitchen
-AMAZING Weather

P.S. Be Ok by Ingrid Michealson. It's a good bad day song!


  1. i these "awkward, aweseome' posts!! :D more more!!

  2. i *love these.... haha!! leaving out your verb is awkward!