Wednesday, August 29, 2012

every day is a holiday.

[We're making a cake! We're making a cake!]
I got out of school at 12:30 today and would you like to know what I did with my time?
Made a cake with some friends of mine.
We are learning about Federalism in AP Government and it is often compared to Cakes. So we are having a cake party tomorrow in class and we had to make Cakes! It was a fun time! :) 
Now though.... I must go write an essay.
Gotta love senior year.

[Amy's 4 year older sister Mary was the best helper]

[Amanda and Mari's finished project!]
Incase you were wondering it says #amurica

Ours says #gov 
I'm so excited to eat all the cakes tomorrow! :)

P.S. song is Whole Lotta You by A Rocket To The Moon.
That's some good essay writing music right there.

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