Saturday, September 22, 2012

let your smile shine on through

I haven't posted a picture of myself in a while and I wanted you guys to know I was as hot and nerdy as ever.
Just kidding.
So... some pretty great news... I GOT ACCEPTED TO NAU! You guys, college.
This is really exciting because it's the one school I really wanted to go to.
It's also the only school I've applied to so far, I'm 80% sure that is where I want to go but we'll see.
Erin's home for the weekend which is also exciting! 
So a lot of good and positive things going on lately, good vibes guys!

P.S. Just a quick update in case you haven't been reading his blog, Matt was let out of the hospital! :)
And I think that is the thing that has made me most happy this weekend.

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