Friday, July 13, 2012

sitting here with you makes me wanna sing

[Picking Jill up from the airport]
Jill got here yesterday!!! It was such a great time, we stayed up so late talking and I forced her to watch New Girl with me and we ate some midnight snacks and pulled out the couch into a bed, so pretty much we are having a blast! Today we are headed to Strand bookstore in the city, It's one of my absolute favorites and it's in Dash & Lilys Book of Dares! Oh! And that live talk show I was telling you about? The Chew. We're going to see it on wednesday!

here's some of what i'm thinking/doing/loving
Listening- Shinin' by Jerrod Niemann
Loving- books!
Hungry for– a bagel!
Wanting– to meet someone famous ;)
Feeling- excited!

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