Wednesday, July 11, 2012

you know, i've seen it all

What I did during the day:
I went to Korea Town today! 
Granted I didn't understand a single sign or newspaper or anything.
And when I tried to order food, I'm pretty sure they laughed their socks off at my incredibly american accent but oh well, it was super cool! I had some yummy food called bulgogi (which was just like marinated beef over rice) then kimchi (I don't know exactly how to explain this one but I've had it at Jens house before so I felt totally cool knowing what I was ordering!) and a rice drink, anyways it was super cool and I was pretty much in heaven. 

What I did in the evening:
I watched Arthur, ate some late night snacks.. soft pretzels.. holla! And spent some quality time with Mr. Bear, oh the joys of summer :)

I've also been watching:
New Girl, it's such a good show! Maybe I'm just saying that because I have a serious obsession with all things Zooey Deschanel but I find it to be quite cute an humorous and I most definitely suggest it!

p.s. here's some of what i'm thinking/doing/loving
Listening- Neon by Chris Young 
via my ipod... mmm country boys!
Loving- New girl, Arthur and all things korean :)
Hungry for– more of that bulgogi!
i'm telling ya, guys... mmm..
Wanting– to watch the sunrise.
Feeling- content

p.p.s. sorry about the collages lately, i've been on an instagram kick!

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