Friday, July 13, 2012

I'm a wanderer now, I laugh often so I'm gonna be fine.

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I have something super cool to tell you guys about!
So, Jill and I went in to the city yesterday and we spent tons of time in Strand, obviously.
But then we went to Union square, and that ladies and gents is when the cool part comes in, first of all, I love union square park, it's such a cool part of the city and I always find out new things, wether it be music, food (they have a farmers market every friday) or just anything hip... there are a lot of hipsters.
Today was particularly interesting... As I was walking I passed by this guy (pictured above) and I got the chance to talk to him for a little, so he's a college graduate... and he travels the country (he's been to over 30 different cities) simply to talk to people and learn their stories and all about them, so much so that he published a book, filled with random strangers anonymous stories! It's super cool and I highly suggest you check this guy out and even maybe submit your own stories!


Hippity hop on over and you'll see just how crazy rad this is!

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