Monday, July 16, 2012

once i flew to new york city, took a picture in timesquare

[At the Disney Store, I loved Brave!]

[Timesquare with Jill!]

[Princess castle <3]
This was on saturday but I'm really behind on my blogging, sorry about that.
We had an absolute blast! There was a street fair going on so broadway was closed down to cars all the way down to like 55th... It was so fun to walking in the middle of the street and look at what everyone was selling, even though we didn't buy anything, who ever does at those things anyway?
I love having her here, we have had so much fun!
Guess what! We're going to Hershey, PA today! Go us! Party rockers!
Also, I think New York is just as excited as I am for Batman...


Listening- California by Mindy Gledhill
Loving- PA
Hungry for– A Hersheys Cookies & Cream bar
Wanting– For it to be Thursday night, So I can go see batman!

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  1. love those photos! annnd i also want a cookies + cream bar